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Alpro becomes HR Cloud frontrunner with Accenture


Established in 1980, employing over 1100 employees in five European countries and marketing its products in over 50 countries, Alpro has recently become one of the first organizations in Belgium and Europe to implement the innovative SuccessFactors Employee Central/Compensation integrated module.

Already an early adopter of this Cloud-based Human Capital Management software, Alpro has demonstrated an agility and open-mindedness that reaches beyond producing organic and non-organic plant-based food and drink products – right to the heart of how it operates in a digital world.

Spotting an opportunity to move to the next level and achieve end-to-end Human Capital processes, Alpro chose Accenture as its partner to make sure the implementation of the new modules in its Talent Management Suite and connection with existing modules went according to plan.

One of the key ‘success factors’ of the eight-month implementation that went live in January 2017 was the presence of local Accenture SAP SuccessFactors consultants – Pieter Van Assche and Léon Peeman – at the company’s HQ in Ghent, where they closely collaborated with Alpro’s Comp&Benefit experts.

“Within a few weeks, we were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with the HR team, working together, building trust, sharing ideas, iterating… This proximity made finding solutions much faster and created an open environment in which we could make suggestions for new enhancements that neither Alpro nor any other company had done before on the market and implement them. In essence, we were able to stretch the system’s capabilities to its limits without ever losing sight of the end user experience.”

Alpro employees, managers and HR team now have a centralized overview of performance, goals, merit and compensation. Fully integrated, infinitely scalable and in the Cloud. User benefits include an intuitive interface, transparency, speed, and greater accuracy in Human Capital decision-making. As well as being a market leader in its core domain, Alpro is now also a frontrunner in the SAP world and moving smoothly ahead into the digital future.


Léon Peeman

Technology Manager at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

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