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Bridging the gap: The secret to corporate innovation


84% of startups find corporate bureaucracy a barrier to collaboration, while 88% of corporates recognize the need to connect with startups to realize their innovation agenda but struggle to find the right form of scale-up. Bridging this gap will be crucial to boost digital uptake in Belgium and to realize the economic benefits it promises, estimated in Accenture’s recent Digital Density Index study as a $10 billion increase in GDP by 2020.

Accenture is already a structural part of the innovation ecosystem in Belgium. On March 12, we joined more than 70 startup support organizations at Tech Startup Day, an inspiring event focusing on bringing Belgian corporates and tech startups together to drive technology innovation forward.

Now, through our local partnerships with Start It, Innovation Boulevard and the Smart City Institute, annual internal innovation challenges with our people in Belgium & Luxembourg and our experience in initiatives across the world such as FinTech, and the Dutch Accenture Innovation awards, we are accelerating our role as a bridge maker between these two very different but interdependent worlds as part of our strategy to Make Belgium Digital.

Read this Slideshare of my presentation at Tech Startup Day to discover more about Accenture’s bridge maker role and what we can do for your business


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