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Industry 4.0: Take a spin in the connected car


For many decades, the design and performance of vehicles were the only things we could change. “Those days are gone,” says Miel Horsten, General Manager Belgium of the leasing company ALD Automotive. “Today, the car is part of the Internet of Things. It not only generates data, you can also remotely control it. And it’s not just about self-driving cars.”

Connected technologies in everyday vehicles have progressed far beyond the point of being considered novelty or luxury. Drivers now expect GPS navigation devices, as well as smartphone apps and services that offer relevant and timely traffic and weather information on the road to be standard features of a driving experience that is becoming increasingly personalized.

Accenture decided to find out just what car owners are looking for in terms of connectivity, and conducted a Connected Vehicle Survey of over 14,000 consumers across five continents, including in Europe. Almost 40% of those questioned said that in-car technology is their top consideration when purchasing a new car, above the driving performance of the vehicle. The graphic below shows which in-car technology and driving support systems drivers would most like to use.

connected cars

The automotive industry is busy gearing up in response. In February 2016, SEAT and Accenture unveiled a Proof of Concept to support drivers’ connected lifestyles at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The solution includes car-to-home connectivity, car status alerts and a driver behavior monitoring capability.

At the same event, Fiat Chrysler unveiled the Augmented Reality Car Configurator, also built in partnership with Accenture Digital using Google’s Project Tango developer kit. Expected to be commercially available by summer 2016, the configurator will enable consumers to view and interact with a full-scale virtual version of the car they are considering buying.

Your car transformed into your Visa card? Not science fiction. Taking the Internet of Things one giant step further, Visa has partnered with Accenture to make commerce truly mobile.

From car manufacturing, with smart robots understanding which customer they are building a car for and adding all the options ordered by that customer, to insurers and leasing companies leveraging big data to reward safe drivers: the possibilities are endless.

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Industry 4.0 is creating disruption and new opportunities in every conceivable sector

Experts from Accenture, Société Générale and ALD Automotive in Belgium have partnered to create an exciting interactive series of insights into the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on consumers, companies, sectors, and finance. How can traditional businesses survive? What will the impact be on our jobs? Can new technologies really help to make us healthier and happier?

Join us on an exciting journey to the future, which has already begun!

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