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Latest Forrester study investigates Digital Transformation readiness among companies


In today’s ‘Age of the Customer’, technology and economic forces have put customers in the driver’s seat of interactions with businesses and brands. Businesses hoping to better serve these customers and differentiate themselves in an increasingly global and digitally disrupted economy are almost universally undergoing digital transformation.

How successful are they?

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In a study commissioned from Forrester Consulting, Accenture tested the hypotheses that businesses are confused by digital transformation and lack the essential skills to become truly digital organizations. The research involved in-depth surveys with 396 business leaders and the resulting report offers three key findings:

  • Customer experience is at the heart of digital transformation, and digital development and customer service improvement are two key priorities. 58% businesses surveyed now look to digital to help them sell profitably.
  • Although making strides across all three dimensions of digital transformation, companies still struggle with silos and a lack of clarity on who drives the digital agenda resulting in an “average” digital experience.
  • Businesses are turning to third-party solution providers to plug the internal capabilities gap and speed time-to-market.

What actions should you be taking to improve customer experience in the coming year?

Who sets the digital vision and strategy in your organization?

Are you taking actions to address the impact of digital disruption on your business?

Download the full study for recommendations that will inform your answers.

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