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Will humans and machines compete or collaborate in the future? With Gartner predicting that 90% of jobs as we know them will be replaced by smart machines by 2030, it’s a topic occupying the minds of business leaders across the world, not least during this year’s World Economic Forum  in Davos.

On April 18-20, Accenture brought the debate to Belgium when our special guest Martin Ford, bestselling author of the 2015 Financial Times Business Book of the Year, Rise of the Robots shared his vision at a series of events and debates for our clients, colleagues, Alumni and readers of De Tijd / L’Echo.

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More pictures of the events and our other special guest, the robot Nao on Instagram

Our discussions focused on what impact Intelligent Automation (smart software, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, robotics…) will have on work, the economy and society in the Belgian context as we enter the fourth industrial revolution, aka Industry 4.0.

According to Martin, the challenges are great:

“Machines are not only replacing human muscles in routine jobs but also human brainpower. In the future, Artificial Intelligence will be a utility like electricity. Smart software will be the most disruptive, impacting more and more jobs, including services. New industries are emerging, but will they be enough to bridge the gap? It’s time for society to debate the impact of this evolution so that amazing technology innovations benefit everyone.”


Read more on our interactive long read on Industry 4.0 in partnership with Société Générale and ADL Automotive on De Tijd / L’Echo websites!

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