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Beautiful teeth, a dazzling smile and an impeccable appearance are now available not only for Hollywood actors. An alternative to a perfect smile Hollywood Smile, reviews about which are only positive on the part of doctors and their patients.

Dark enamel and jagged teeth are an aesthetic problem. You can solve it only in a dental clinic for a high fee. But only a few can afford an expensive procedure. What do people with a modest budget do? After all, beautiful teeth want to have everything. The answer is obvious – false plates Hollywood Smile, which make it possible to mask tooth defects in 5 minutes.

Why is it important for you to have a beautiful smile?

90% of a person’s opinion is formed by the impression he makes externally. The more sympathy for a person, the better the attitude towards him. When you have a beautiful smile, you will become more attractive and sexier, it will be easier for you to negotiate with people, make successful deals, make new friends, and have interviews. You will automatically become more confident in yourself, and your life will radically change. Helping you to improve your image and find a Hollywood smile will help Hollywood Smile

What is Hollywood Smile?

Good teeth are not given to everyone from birth, but this can be corrected. You can solve the problem with Hollywood Smile. The device is a false plate on the teeth, which a person can fix on their own without the help of a dentist.

Hollywood Smile – overlays on teeth for correction of all defects of a perfect smile. Universal plates are securely attached to the oral cavity and hold for as long as necessary. Hollywood Smile improves the appearance of teeth, mask all visible defects, strengthen enamel and protect sensitive gums from external irritants. The pad is not a dentifrice and requires the permission of the dentist to use.

Hollywood Smile is a flexible plate of hypoallergenic material and a retainer for attachment to the upper jaw.

Hollywood Smile quickly gained popularity around the world. They appeared in our country recently, but now we can say that this is really a great alternative to expensive aligners and veneers and ceramics, which not all can afford.

Hollywood Smile is the know-how in the world of dentistry. After spending 3 minutes on the installation, you will see a perfect snow-white smile in the mirror. Important Hollywood Smile works even if you have no teeth.

Disadvantages to be eliminated Hollywood Smile

Removable aligners and veneers for teeth – a development in the field of dentistry, installed by specialists. Hollywood Smile n growth in that it makes it possible to remove such aesthetic imperfections of teeth from view: crevices, crooked teeth, chips, darkened enamel. A same number dental problems.

Crooked teeth and malocclusion

The main indication is the congenital or acquired curvature of one or more teeth. Hollywood Smile corrects the position of the jaw, which provides a more even distribution of the load on the dentition.

Fluor sis

Enamel darkening. Hollywood Smile using the fully hides yellowed, discolored teeth, the smile becomes an aesthetic appearance.

Diatom or wide gap between teeth

With regular wear Hollywood Smile will hide this defect, return the teeth to the anatomically correct position. It is cheaper than braces, easy to remove and put on without special equipment.

Visual defects

In an opportunity to instantly influence and correct a situation when there are defects in the dentition.

Lack of one or more teeth

It masks various flaws in the dentition.

The design and composition of the tooth pads Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile made of hypoallergenic materials. The back is made of silicone, which is firmly fixed in the oral cavity. The overlay in the form of teeth is made of plastic material, which is a mixture of nylon and polypropylene. This part is characterized by high wear resistance to dyes, high temperatures and other influences.

For prosthetics, dentists use different materials from plastic to metal. The doctor selects the appropriate option, taking into account many factors: practicality, aesthetics, price, strength, durability, reliability. Customers and professionals prefer Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood Smile is a sturdy material that has many advantages. Here are just the main ones:

  • durability: aligners and veneers and inlays made of this material can last for decades;
  • oxidation resistance;
  • natural look: you can choose a shade that exactly matches the color of the teeth;
  • biocompatibility : Hollywood Smile does not cause allergic reactions and side effects , is not rejected by the body;
  • hygiene: the material is not coated with plaque, easy to clean.

The undoubted advantage of this set is the fact that Hollywood Smile universal size, they adapt to any jaw. At the same time, I want to clarify that when the teeth are used by one patient, they will no longer fit the other, because the structure of the jaw and the location of the teeth are different for everyone, and the aligners and veneers are adjusted to the jaw of a particular person.

The service life of aligners and veneers depends on many indicators, including whether the user has any bad habits, whether he uses colored drinks, such as coffee or red wine. On average, the service life Hollywood Smile can reach several years.

The greater durability provides the tabs a long lifespan – they last much longer than regular fillings. Hollywood Smile and are used to recreate the shape of the teeth, which has the role of support for bridges.


Today, there are several ways to make a smile beautiful with damaged front teeth, and dentists often cunning when they say that this can only be done while sitting in the chair of a hundred experts.

Hollywood Smile is a great alternative to ceramic and porcelain aligners and veneers at an affordable cost. They look even better. They are installed without turning the teeth and without pain. You don’t even need to visit the dentist – the installation and fitting procedure is carried out at home in literally 2 minutes.

Of course, Hollywood Smile you won’t be able to wear it all the time like regular aligners and veneers, but for special occasions they are perfect. Hollywood Smile so thin and comfortable that you stop feeling them after a few minutes of wearing

Many people think that Hollywood Smile is a kind of prosthesis. However, it is not. The product belongs to the temporary lining group. They are securely attached, do not skip food particles and do not fly off the jaw at the most inopportune moment. Dentists appreciated the novelty and highlighted a number of advantages over cheap analogues:

  • quick and painless installation;
  • the effect of naturally smooth and white teeth;
  • lack of age and gender restrictions;
  • universal size and secure fit;
  • high strength hypoallergenic material;
  • protection of tooth enamel from mechanical damage;
  • lack of shelf life;
  • ease of use and care;
  • inexpensive cost;
  • quality certificate

If you have problems with your teeth, your teeth have cavities or just unsightly, it is the imposition of Hollywood Smile for you.

Action method

Pads Hollywood Smile are made of medical polypropylene and coated with hypoallergenic silicone. The material does not wear out and does not lose its properties for several years. Aligners and veneers are equipped with a reliable clamp, which allows you to securely fix the plate in the oral cavity.

The pads do not have a special size, as they bend well and adjust to the anatomical features of the jaws of any shape. This makes the subsequent installation procedures much easier than the first.

The product masks a number of imperfections:

  • dark enamel
  • chips and cracks
  • crevices and uneven tooth growth

After numerous tests Hollywood Smile received feedback from experienced orthopedists. Doctors recommend using the novelty in the absence of the possibility of dental correction of defects.

The composition of the material from which the aligners and veneers are made is kept in the strictest confidence, which helps to avoid low-quality fakes. Perfect smile overlay can be reused. Preparation and installation takes only a few minutes, and soon you can enjoy a beautiful smile.

Who can recommend these pads

Hollywood Smile – simple and convenient removable aligners and veneers, which at the first application follow the shape of your teeth, and subsequently due to this they are firmly fixed on the teeth. They are so convenient that already 10 minutes after insertion, you stop noticing them. No one, never knowing you, will guess that these are aligners and veneers, and not your real beautiful teeth. Hollywood Smile require turning the teeth do not harm the enamel and gums.

Aligners and veneers Hollywood Smile are made from ultra-thin and heavy-duty medical polypropylene. This is a very reliable material that does not lose its attractiveness and strength for decades. You can enjoy Hollywood Smile all your life.

This design is recommended for those people who have some problems with their teeth, but cannot afford expensive prosthetics at the dentist, but want to look good and have a pleasant smile. In particular Hollywood Smile suitable for those with

  • Uneven teeth;
  • Missing one or more teeth in front;
  • Darkened or insufficiently white teeth;
  • Chipped incisors;
  • Sparse, crooked, or small teeth.

How to use Hollywood Smile

In each original packaging Hollywood Smile instructions are enclosed. Therefore, do not worry that the method of use may not be understood. To put on Hollywood Smile is very simple.

How to use:

  • Before putting on aligners and veneers for the first time, they must be placed in hot water for 1-2 minutes. A special layer, which is responsible for fixing the lining, will become elastic and will be ready for the first fixation.        
  • Then the pad carefully gets out of hot water and snugly pressed to the teeth to get an impression. You need to press not more , than 30 seconds.     
  • After this procedure, the aligners and veneers are removed and placed in cold water for hardening. Everything is ready and you can put on the pad at any time.  

Pads are not a product of medical correction of teeth, do not lighten darkened enamel and do not correct bite. The tab on the tooth, the price of which is affordable, does not require special care. It is tightly attached to the tooth, becoming part of it. It is enough not to neglect the usual hygiene procedures – brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, use the floss. As well as professional oral hygiene.

What is your opinion about Hollywood Smile

Admit it, you often embarrass your smile? Can you be shy to smile? Broken, crooked, missing teeth in front do not add to all of us attractiveness and push people away from us. That is why we try to smile as little as possible and not show our front teeth.

Hollywood Smile is a unique device that will make your smile irresistible. With it, you will no longer be shy of your teeth and will be able to smile as often as you want. Everyone will like your smile.

Buyers left on Hollywood Smile reviews approving character. Costly whitening procedures and false prostheses are now a thing of the past. 3-5 seconds are enough is provided to you. You can find many positive comments and reviews on product forums. Moreover on the Internet you can find many reviews on this product.

Hollywood Smile different in sufficient durability: they do not crack and do not break from hard food or sharp jaw closure.

Where to buy Hollywood Smile

An overlay on teeth, to buy, or rather, to order which is not difficult today, is a good solution if you need to make a smile attractive. Buying Hollywood Smile is easy enough. No need to search for a product on the official website. Similar products sold in pharmacies or stores are not quite high quality. They are made of chemical material that can cause side effects. Where to buy Hollywood Smile? Original Hollywood Smile has no side effects and is absolutely safe to use. They are sold only on the official website of the manufacturer in the Philippines. Just go to the page and place a buy online.

How to make an order:

  • You leave a request on the site
  • Our manager will contact you
  • We will deliver the aligners and veneers to the specified address
  • You pay for the goods only after receiving

Today the price is Hollywood Smile reduced. Thus, making an order on the website of the official supplier, you can buy Hollywood Smile at a reduced price! Hurry up, there are several days left until the end of the promotion.

Old priсe : 3740

New priсe : 1870