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The liver is the main biochemical laboratory of the human body, performing many functions, the most important of which is the barrier. As the only organ that detoxifies all metabolic products, it experiences the greatest stress. The liver takes on all the blows of the external environment and the consequences of our unreasonable attitude to our health: we eat improperly, consume pesticides and antibiotics, hormonal substances and medicines.

Liveromax tablets based on plant extracts of choleretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action are specially designed for gentle “cleansing” of the liver – it helps to “cleanse” and improve the functional state of the liver, without causing stress and destructive load on the body.

In this article, you can learn about what is Livero Max, how the product works, what are its advantages, where to buy it and what is its price in the Philippines. Also you will be able to learn how to use, read the comments, opinions and reviews found on the forums.

A healthy liver is the key to the health of the whole organism!

In our body, everything is interconnected, therefore, restoring health to one organ, we must keep others in shape. It is impossible to be healthy by taking selective care of your body. At the same time, there are organs that perform the most important functions, and the whole process of vital activity of the organism depends on their healthy state. These organs in the human body include the liver.

The properties of the liver in the body are invaluable. Both the work of the heart and the functions of other systems depend on this organ. Therefore, it is so necessary to maintain the health of the liver and maintain the purity of this biochemical laboratory within us.

In the human body, the liver performs the function of a “barrier”, protecting our body from the harmful effects of the external environment. Disinfection of toxins, protection from the ingress of toxic substances, blood purification, proper digestion, metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats – these are just a few of the tasks of the liver. Preventing disruptions in the work of an organ so important for the life of the body is a priority task!

Complex food supplement Liveromax is a reliable helper and protector of your liver. The protective effect of the capsules is due to the combination of silymarin and lecithin. It is noteworthy that both protective components are of plant origin: the source of silymarin is the fruit of milk thistle, and lecithin is obtained from chicken yolk. Thus, Livero Max can be used as a natural remedy for highly effective liver protection.

What is Liveromax?

The result of a combination of the latest achievements of European medicine and oriental medicine. The drug implements its action in several directions. It stimulates the regeneration of liver cells, detoxification and antioxidant action, as well as blocking the spread of the hepatitis virus in the body by lowering cholesterol levels. Due to this, it is possible to significantly slow down the process of liver cirrhosis, normalize its function and achieve stable positive results in patients with various forms of hepatitis.

Thanks to a balanced complex of active ingredients, Livero Max provides comprehensive protection of the liver, improves its functioning and reduces the accumulation of drugs in the liver tissue during long-term drug treatment. Antibiotics are an integral part of modern life. Anyone, even a relatively healthy person, periodically takes antibacterial drugs. All the benefits of antibacterial treatment are overshadowed by serious side effects, among which liver damage occupies a special place. It is possible to eliminate the negative effect of antibiotics on the liver with the help of the timely intake of a complex food supplement Liveromax.


  • Chronic intoxication
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Toxic, alcoholic and drug hepatitis
  • Decrease in the detoxification and protein-forming function of the liver
  • Fatty liver hepatosis
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Prevention of the development of adenocarcinoma of the liver
  • Normalization of the gallbladder
  • Protection of the liver with prolonged use of medications, including antibiotics

What are Livero Max capsules for?

Liveromax perform an essential function of repairing damaged cells and ensuring the creation of new cells, protecting vital organs such as the liver, heart and brain.

Indications for use:

  • For daily prevention and complex therapy for ARVI diseases
  • As a means of protecting the liver, heart and brain
  • To restore liver cells after taking medication
  • For complex therapy and prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • For a quick recovery of the body after previous diseases
  • With increased mental and psycho-emotional stress

This product contains many nutrients for the liver, milk thistle, vitamins, etc. The drug has a pronounced detoxifying effect on the liver, significantly reduces the toxic effect on the liver, stimulates the regeneration of liver cells, and restores liver function. The anti-fat element contained in the preparation stabilizes the production of glycogen, promotes the conversion of fat into energy, and removes excess fat in the liver. Together with this, the drug improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, prevents the formation of gallstones and atherosclerotic plaques.

Useful properties of Liveromax

Normally, the liver must get rid of toxic substances in a natural way, transforming them into harmless ones and further removing them with bile. But it often happens that she cannot cope with this load, the bile becomes thick and overloads the liver. This increases the risk of gallstone disease, inflammation and other liver diseases. In reality, almost every one of us is faced with problems signaling that our liver is overloaded – this is the appearance of pain in the right hypochondrium, gas formation, nausea after eating fatty foods, accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thighs, and bad breath. Even frequent mood swings, a tendency to depression, inability to concentrate, and fatigue can become signals of an overloaded liver. Inflammation and pimples on the face are very often a direct consequence of impaired liver barrier function. The way out of the situation is to “cleanse” the liver, restore its functions. Recently, home procedures for cleansing the liver have become so popular, which, as a result of strong and short-term effects on the liver, can be called “shock therapy”, and it is not safe for your body.

Livero Max tablets, thanks to a specially selected composition of components with choleretic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects, help to improve the functional state of the liver.

To maintain the cardiovascular system:

  • For complex therapy and prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • To restore the body after heart attacks and surgical interventions
  • Have a cardioprotective effect

To improve brain activity:

  • An effective remedy for the prevention of cerebral ischemia
  • Activate the activity of the brain and increase mental performance
  • Help improve memory and attention
  • Slow down the aging process of the brain
  • With increased mental and psycho-emotional stress
  • For age-related prevention of cognitive decline, cerebrovascular accidents
  • To protect liver cells:
  • For daily support and protection of the liver
  • To restore liver cells and their regeneration
  • To reduce inflammation, improve the condition of the liver after infections

The complex mechanism of action of active components (polyprenols) on the body:

  • Increase the production of interferon, the activity of macrophages
  • Restore damaged organ cells
  • Activate cellular metabolism
  • Help to strengthen the vascular walls and improve coronary blood flow
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Have a cardioprotective effect
  • Help improve memory and attention
  • Improve blood supply to the brain

How does Liveromax work?

A unique formula of Livero Max based on plant extracts that helps to remove excess cholesterol and unhealthy fats from the body by increasing liver activity. The drug allows not only to significantly reduce the level of bad cholesterol, but also to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, and brain.


  • Reduction of toxic effects on the liver caused by alcohol and chemicals
  • Strengthening the detoxification function of the liver; increased antioxidant effect
  • Reduction of the destructive effect of free radicals on liver cells
  • The drug provides the circulatory system with essential nutrients, prevents high blood cholesterol, the formation of atherosclerosis and other diseases

Liveromax prevents the risk of hypertension, obesity, reduces the chances of developing heart and brain pathologies, builds an effective defense for the liver from the effects of harmful food and alcohol.

The drug has a pronounced detoxifying effect on the liver, significantly reduces the toxic effect on the liver, stimulates the regeneration of liver cells, and restores liver function. The anti-fat element contained in the preparation stabilizes the production of glycogen, promotes the conversion of fat into energy, and removes excess fat in the liver. Together with this, the drug improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, prevents the formation of gallstones and atherosclerotic plaques.

It is a special composition that supports the liver with its herbs and plant extracts in terms of its content. Helps reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides; it has been found to have a positive effect on the treatment of diseases of hepatitis, liver and gallbladder, and also effectively prevents the deformation of liver cells due to fattening.

Livero Max benefits

Liveromax is an elixir that helps restore liver function, eliminate pain and the problem of the disease itself. Livero Max for the liver effectively affects the functioning of cells, helps to remove harmful toxins from the body, cleanses the gallbladder, while increasing immunity.

  • Promotes cell cleansing and elimination of toxins
  • Restores liver function
  • Cleans the gallbladder
  • Helps eliminate pain after eating fatty foods
  • Protects the liver from external influences
  • Natural composition
  • Does not cause allergic reactions
  • Does not have age restrictions
  • Promotes increased immunity

How should i use Liveromax?

Livero Max capsules must be taken 30-40 minutes before meals for ten days. After completing a ten-day course, they should be taken once a day. The minimum course of use is one month. Before taking the drop, shake it for thirty seconds. You need to take 1-2 capsules, and drink plenty of water. During the use of drops, you should limit the intake of chemicals. It is not recommended to take breaks, take alcohol, eat fatty foods, canned foods and smoked foods. You should also quit smoking.

Where to buy Livero Max 

Liveromax rejuvenates the liver, protecting it from the negative effects of alcohol and bad eating habits, promotes recovery from illness and prevents the development of complications as a result of toxic and viral liver damage. Stimulates the liver and improves its filtering function, normalizing metabolic processes and relieving the load on the digestive organs. Helps maintain healthy skin and hair by preventing inflammatory breakouts and hair loss.

You can order the original product only on the official website of the manufacturer in the Philippines. Its price has been reduced, hurry up to order Livero Max while the promotion is valid.

Old Price 3900 ₱

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