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Many people are mistaken that lung disease can only occur in smokers. Every person’s lungs are under the daily influence of such bad factors as:

  • Fumes from plastic products and linoleum
  • Fumes from electronic cigarettes
  • Various poisons and tobacco smoke
  • Toxic air from city factories and factories

Can you keep your health? The answer is yes! It is very easy to do this with a powder that cleanses the lungs and takes care of absolutely the entire respiratory system. For an effective result, only one course is needed, which will rid the human lungs of the negative effects of the environment.

In this article, you will learn what it is, how to use it, what are the advantages of where to buy and what is its price in the Philippines. On the forums, you can read comments, opinions and reviews about Lung Active.

Where do breathing problems come from?

Respiratory problems can affect any health problem because while some take the ability to breathe easily for granted, for many, limited breathing is a constant obstacle to daily activities. Obstruction in the lungs can lead to a decrease in exhaled airflow. It is caused by a narrowing or blockage of the airways, which can be a sign of unhealthy respiratory function. Respiratory restrictions can also lead to a decrease in the total volume of air that the lungs can hold. This may be due to a decrease in the elasticity of the lungs themselves or caused by problems associated with the expansion of the chest wall during inhalation of the lungs. Restricted breathing can be exhausting and affect every aspect of daily life. The inability to breathe freely prevents many from enjoying daily activities and physical activity.

There are many reasons that cause respiratory distress:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Smoking
  • Environmental pollution
  • Industrial pollutants

A certified pulmonologist can determine the cause of breathing problems. Normal values ​​for respiratory function are determined by testing that is based on the age, height, ethnicity, and male or female sex of the person being tested. Normal results are expressed as a percentage of the predicted value. Typically, a value is considered substandard if it is less than 80% of the predicted value for that person.

What is LungActive?

The health of all organs in the human body depends on the normal functioning of the lungs. Lack of oxygen arising from diseases of the respiratory system, excessive smoking or polluted air leads to oxygen starvation of the cells of the whole body, including brain cells.

Prolonged lack of oxygen can increase the risk of stroke, as well as lead to metabolic disorders, tissue atrophy and premature aging.

Lung peptides restore damaged lung cells, bronchial mucous membranes, normalize cellular metabolism and increase the functional activity of the respiratory system.

Lung Active is a peptide bioregulator for the lungs. Restores cells and tissues of the organ after acute and chronic diseases. Supports healthy functioning and also normalizes cellular metabolism and protein synthesis in the respiratory tract.

Due to the cellular regeneration of the lungs, the oxygen supply of the whole organism is improved.

Why is this product better than other products?

LungActive is a peptide bioregulator for the restoration of the lungs and bronchial mucosa. In complex treatment, it effectively fights against chronic respiratory diseases. Due to the regulation of the functional activity of the lungs, coughing, wheezing are eliminated and the frequency of asthma attacks decreases.

Lung Active helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs and bronchi. Facilitates the breathing process, thereby improving the supply of oxygen to all organs and tissues.

  • It promotes the regeneration of new cells
  • Strengthens the general condition of the lungs
  • Eliminates respiratory diseases
  • Removes bad substances from the body
  • Removes inflammation
  • Used as a prophylactic agent
  • Unique in composition and action
  • Implemented at an affordable cost

How to use the product correctly

Lung diseases are of concern to a large number of people, especially at a young age. Many foods that we eat contribute to the accumulation of mucus in the lungs, this is bread, and butter, sweets, fats. Regardless of whether you smoke or not, a huge amount of toxins enter our lungs, which the body cannot remove on its own. Exhaust gases, poor ecology, passive and active smoking, all this affects our health and well-being.

The use of the LungActive product cleanses the lungs of accumulated toxins, dilates the blood vessels of the lungs, restores and maintains the normal functioning of the lung alveoli, promotes the expectorant effect, removes phlegm, removes toxins and poisons from the lungs. The product is used to restore and maintain normal lung function and prevent various lung diseases, including lung cancer.

  • Take 1 product
  • Drink it before eating
  • Can be combined with other supplements and medications

This procedure must be carried out twice a day. Use Lung Active and give your lungs new life!

All components that make up LungActive have undergone rigorous selection and maximum quality control.

Has no toxic effect on the body. It has no side effects, does not cause complications and drug dependence. Due to its mild effect on the body, it does not exert stress on the liver and kidneys.

Indications for use

Air pollution and bad habits negatively affect respiratory health. This is especially true for residents of megalopolises who are exposed to constant exposure to exhaust gases.

Harmful substances settle in the lungs and over time lead to disruption of their functions. Shortness of breath, cough of unknown origin and chronic wheezing appear.

Lung peptides act at the cellular level. They prevent further damage to cells, restore them, improve protein synthesis and cellular metabolism. Thanks to this, the structure of the respiratory organs is restored and their recovery is taking place.

Healthy breathing has a positive effect on the functioning of the whole body.

  • Diseases of the upper respiratory tract
  • Acute and chronic bronchitis
  • Asthmatic bronchitis
  • Chronic pneumonia
  • Diseases of the upper respiratory tract
  • An auxiliary drug in the treatment of pneumonia, lung injuries, pleurisy
  • Active and passive smoking
  • Decreased lung function
  • Living and working in regions with unfavorable environmental conditions
  • Supporting the respiratory system in the elderly and smokers
  • Chronic shortness of breath
  • Respiratory failure
  • After injuries and burns to the chest and respiratory tract
  • In the period before and after surgical intervention on the respiratory system
  • In the complex treatment of pneumonia
  • In the complex treatment of asthma
  • Cardiopulmonary insufficiency
  • Frequent bronchospasm
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • Complex treatment of tuberculosis, as well as during remission
  • Chemical, toxic damage to the lungs
  • To maintain the function of the respiratory system in elderly and senile people
  • Suitable as a supportive therapy in the complex treatment of various diseases to increase the effectiveness of drugs

Numerous clinical studies have proven that Lung Active is highly effective in lung recovery.

How does LungActive work?

Lung Active pills contribute to the comprehensive care of the body. This traditional Chinese medicine can be used to treat bronchitis, normalize blood flow in the kidneys and lungs, and relieve back aches. With a hemostatic effect, LungActive pills help to restore the body after prolonged illness. Recommended for people who are undergoing a rehabilitation period after severe forms of tuberculosis or bronchitis.

LungActive is a medicine for the treatment of lung diseases!

The use of the Lung Active product cleanses the lungs of accumulated toxins, dilates the blood vessels of the lungs, restores and maintains the normal functioning of the lung alveoli, promotes the expectorant effect, removes phlegm, removes toxins and poisons from the lungs. The product is used to restore and maintain normal lung function and prevent various lung diseases, including lung cancer.

LungActive is a peptide complex containing amino acids that help normalize the function and cells of the lungs and bronchial mucosa. In a clinical study, the effectiveness of Lung Active in the complex prevention and treatment of patients with impaired lung and bronchial function in acute and chronic respiratory diseases of an infectious and non-infectious origin, as well as for maintaining the function of the respiratory system in elderly and senile people, has been established.

It was found that the course use of LungActive, in addition to conventional therapy in patients with respiratory failure and lung damage, contributed to an improvement in well-being, a decrease in the frequency of coughing and choking attacks, a decrease in the amount of sputum secreted, and an increase in physical performance. Positive dynamics was noted in the form of a decrease in the number of wheezing, as well as a decrease in sputum secreted, which reflected the general trend of a decrease in the inflammatory manifestations of the disease.

Results of using Lung Active

The respiratory system is a collection of structures that trap oxygen and expel carbon dioxide generated by internal respiration. The central organ is the lungs located on either side of the heart. Diseases of the lungs contribute to the development of pathological processes leading to a decrease in oxygen in the blood. This leads to a decrease in lung volume and the development of respiratory failure, leading to disability, significantly reducing the quality of life. To normalize and correct pathological changes in the lungs resulting from various diseases, a bioregulator of the respiratory organ – LungActive was developed.

Lung Active is designed to promote a healthy respiratory system and support healthy breathing power.

LungActive Lung Function Care provides nutrients that:

  • Protect against free radicals
  • Promote healthy lung function and respiratory capacity by maintaining a clear airway
  • Promote healthy muscle function in the respiratory system
  • Support a healthy immune system and a normal inflammatory response.

Lung Active is a comprehensive combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are easy to target to promote health.

LungActive benefits

Breathing is taken for granted, but it is thanks to the work of the lungs, which pump oxygen, that our body is able to function. Oxygen is essential for proper brain function and plays a key role in digestion, heart function, and overall blood vessel health. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your lungs healthy. A complex of Chinese herbs will cleanse the lungs of excess substances, help maintain free breathing and restore microflora in the lungs. Also, the drug has expectorant properties.

Lung Active product – designed to improve blood circulation in the lungs, promote expectorant effect, remove phlegm, remove toxins and poisons from the lungs, in order to restore and maintain normal lung function and prevent lung cancer.

This LungActive complex is an original herbal formula in which all components are selected specifically to support your lungs. Each ingredient in it plays a specific role in providing nutritional support.

Lung Active are designed to improve blood circulation in the lungs, promote an expectorant effect, remove phlegm, remove toxins and poisons from the lungs. The drug is recommended to restore and maintain normal lung function, strengthen the respiratory system, and prevent lung diseases.

Where to buy LungActive?

You can order an original Lung Active product only on the manufacturer’s official website. The price has been reduced, so you can order LungActive today!

Old Price 3900 ₱

New Price 1950 ₱