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Smoking, engine fumes and other sources of smog are very harmful – this is a proven fact that is difficult to dispute. At the same time, the risks can be reduced by using PulmoTea. The latest development will easily put the respiratory system in order and remove all violations. You will forget about shortness of breath and recurrent bronchitis, and the cough that haunted you and those around you will also recede. Even doctors are unlikely to be able to offer you a more effective method to get rid of the negative consequences of tobacco dependence. Health will recover very quickly, so there will be no worries.

In official website we will analyze what PulmoTea is, how it works and what are its advantages over analogues, where to buy PulmoTea, what is the price of the product in the Philippines and how to use tea . If you want to read reviews, comments and opinions about PulmoTea, then on the forums you can do it.

Breathing problems

Breathing problems can affect every aspect of your health because while some take the ability to breathe easily for granted, for many, difficulty breathing is a constant hindrance to daily activities. Obstruction in the lungs can cause a decrease in the flow of exhaled air. It is caused by a narrowing or blockage of the airways, which may indicate a deterioration in respiratory function. Restricted breathing can also lead to a decrease in the total volume of air that the lungs can hold. This may be due to a decrease in the elasticity of the lungs themselves, or to a problem with the expansion of the chest wall during inhalation. Restricted breathing can be tiring and affect all aspects of daily life. The inability to breathe freely prevents many from enjoying daily activities and physical activity.

There are many things that can cause respiratory distress:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Smoking
  • Environmental pollution
  • Occupational contaminants

A board-certified pulmonologist can determine the cause of breathing problems. Normal respiratory function values ​​are determined by testing based on the patient’s age, height, ethnicity, and gender. Normal results are expressed as a percentage of the predicted value. A value is usually considered abnormal if it is less than 80% of the predicted value for a particular person.

The solution to the problem of lung pollution has been found!

Full chest breathing is a natural need, just like sleeping and eating. During inhalation of air, all organs and blood are saturated with oxygen, the head understands well, and the person feels vigorous and healthy.

With problems with the lungs and bronchi, it becomes impossible to breathe fully, a systematic lack of oxygen saturation leads to headaches, a decrease in brain activity, absolutely all systems suffer. An agonizing cough can result from several factors:

  • Smoking
  • Work in hazardous production
  • Highly polluted air

The PulmoTea drug from a well-known Japanese manufacturer contains in its composition a huge amount of medicinal herbs and plants that help cleanse the bronchi, eliminate all harmful compounds, expand the airways and reduce the frequency of painful coughing attacks.

What is PulmoTea for?

PulmoTea is an advanced nutritional supplement that combines the highest quality and potency of Ayurvedic herbs with the powerful antioxidant N-Acetylcysteine ​​(NAC), based on the latest scientific research to help provide nutritional support for normal respiration, functionality and effectiveness. Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu medical system still practiced in many parts of the world that provides modern researchers with a variety of herbal products to evaluate. To help optimize airway health, PulmoTea combines multiple natural ingredients and a training guide to support lung health.

Designed to improve blood circulation in the lungs, promote expectorant effect, remove phlegm, remove toxins and poisons from the lungs. The drug is recommended to restore and maintain normal lung function, strengthen the respiratory system, and prevent lung diseases.

Indications for use:

  • Acute and chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract diseases (cough, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, etc.)
  • An auxiliary drug in the treatment of pneumonia, lung injuries, pleurisy
  • Active and passive smoking
  • Various symptoms caused by a cold
  • Allergy to pollen and animal hair
  • Living and working in regions with unfavorable environmental conditions (smoke, coal dust, etc.)

How wide are the possibilities of the funds?

Heavy smokers tend to ignore the threat posed by cigarettes in favor of their favorite habit. At the same time, you should not give up the chance to improve your condition. PulmoTea makes it easy for you. The tool is capable of many things:

  • Removes tar and other poisonous products from the lungs
  • Copes with shortness of breath
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Eliminates cough
  • Improves the condition of the skin and teeth
  • Prevents chronic ailments and cancer

PulmoTea’s combined action to cleanse the lungs is the key to success. If nothing is done, respiratory functions will deteriorate, and the changes will gradually become irreversible. You don’t want to turn into a sizzling ruin long before old age? Then it’s time to stop procrastinating and tackle the urgent problems right now.

Who will benefit from the drug?

Lung diseases are of concern to a large number of people, especially at a young age. Many foods that we eat contribute to the accumulation of mucus in the lungs, this is bread, and butter, sweets, fats. Regardless of whether you smoke or not, a huge amount of toxins enter our lungs, which the body is unable to remove on its own. Exhaust gases, poor ecology, passive and active smoking, all this affects our health and well-being.

The use of PulmoTea tea cleanses the lungs of accumulated toxins, dilates the blood vessels of the lungs, restores and maintains the normal functioning of the lung alveoli, promotes the expectorant effect, removes phlegm, removes toxins and poisons from the lungs. The tea are used to restore and maintain normal lung function and prevent various lung diseases, including lung cancer.

Many people can benefit from the novelty. Potential consumers of PulmoTea for lung cleansing include:

  • Smokers
  • Lovers of hookahs and vapes
  • People who have recently quit smoking
  • Everyone who is forced to coexist with smokers – relatives, neighbors, colleagues

You should not put up with possible harm and wait until the inexorable mechanism of the development of the disease begins to tick. Carry out a cleansing course – and the threatening symptoms will disappear.

Application procedure

Manufacturing PulmoTea Lung Purifier in capsule form makes it very easy to use. You can take the compact bottle with you on a trip so as not to interrupt the course. And the main recommendations for the tool are reduced to the simplest points:

  • Drink after meals. In this case, the protective film will last longer – until the next meal
  • Open your mouth and press the dispenser 1-2 times, holding the bottle at a distance of 5-7 cm. Liquid works best when it gets under the tongue
  • Use the drug regularly – and the lungs will be able to give the body more oxygen, which is so necessary

To purchase useful products, contact us. On our website you can buy PulmoTea lung cleaner online. The waiting period will be short, and then you will have a second wind.

What is PulmoTea made of?

When cleansing the broncho-pulmonary system, do not use chemical ingredients, which can also be dangerous. Natural substances that work gently and carefully are more effective. The healing formula of the drug includes the following components:

  • Favorably affects the state of blood vessels, gives them elasticity, tones
  • Support the body, improve well-being, energize
  • It is part of many remedies for bronchitis and colds. It causes mucus to drain and treats coughs
  • Helps cleanse the respiratory system, strengthens the immune system to prevent relapses

The composition also includes a concentrate of green spiky mint, honey extract, orange tree extract, zinc and selenium. The ingredients work well together and bring relief quickly.

How does PulmoTea work?

PulmoTea contains only natural ingredients of plant origin. Herbal extracts and extracts have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerative and restorative effects. Possessing a healing effect, plants increase the local immunity of the respiratory system, protecting against the destructive effects of damaging factors.

Natural remedy for improving the body:

  • Restores the work of the bronchopulmonary system
  • Eliminates harm from tobacco smoke, nicotine and air pollution
  • Relieves intoxication, purifying the blood
  • Accelerates the regeneration of lung tissue, restoring damaged cells
  • Eliminates oxygen starvation of organs and tissues

As the reviews say, PulmoTea for the lungs is accepted not only by smokers, but also by those who lead an active lifestyle.

The drug, entering the systemic circulation, activates all processes in the body. The greatest changes take place in the respiratory organs. The accumulated mucus, toxins and bacteria are excreted along with the phlegm in a natural way. The blood is cleansed, blood vessels dilate and cholesterol plaques dissolve. Damaged cells recover and begin to work in the correct rhythm, providing adequate nutrition of organs and tissues with oxygen.


For a small fee, you will completely get rid of breathing problems and reduce the likelihood of developing dangerous pathologies.

According to the manufacturer, the powder for cleansing the respiratory system:

  • Possesses complex action
  • Helps to fully heal and restore the lungs
  • Suitable for treatment and prevention
  • Safe and natural

After the full course of treatment, you will notice the following changes:

  • The agonizing cough will go away
  • The skin will acquire a healthy color
  • Chronic fatigue and drowsiness will disappear
  • Headaches will go away
  • You can be sure that your lungs are healthy

After the course of treatment has been completed, the manufacturer guarantees a reduction in the risk of developing oncological diseases of the respiratory system.

Breathe easily

This product provides a comprehensive formula for the respiratory system. PulmoTea is formulated with potent vitamins, trace minerals and herbal extracts to provide bronchial and lung support when needed.

Fast Acting Seasonal Health Support:

  • Supports the immune response
  • Work of the respiratory system
  • Healthy breathing

Reliable solution and natural formula

The use of original PulmoTea helps to get rid of all the signs of nicotine addiction without exception. It not only suppresses the craving for smoking by cleansing the body of nicotine, tar and toxins, but in a matter of days it improves the condition of the skin, moisturizing it and preventing flaking, as well as nails, eliminating their flaking, brittleness and yellowing.

  • Availability of quick results. Setting the goal of getting rid of a bad habit, a person naturally intends to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time, but, as practice shows, this does not always work out with smoking. PulmoTea promotes rapid relief from physical and psychological addiction and makes it possible to feel its effects after just a few uses
  • Complete elimination of addiction. Many products of similar purpose tend to temporarily suppress the craving for nicotine, which eventually reappears and requires almost constant use of the drug. PulmoTea works in a completely different way, completely eliminating addiction and avoiding breakdowns
  • Improving the condition of the whole organism. Naturally, the main effect of the product is aimed at improving the condition of the respiratory system, cleansing the lungs and throat, but, in addition, as a result of its use, the quality of blood improves, metabolic processes are accelerated, the tone and elasticity of the skin increases
  • Lack of side effects. Many smokers are intimidated by the likelihood of gaining excess weight after quitting. Indeed, the body will experience stress and try to replace nicotine with food. Coping with increased hunger after quitting smoking is difficult on your own, but PulmoTea suppresses increased food cravings
  • Simple and convenient application. The product has a neutral aroma and pleasant taste, so its use is simple and does not cause disgust

Quite quickly, you can notice the disappearance of the usual sensation of a coma in the throat, annoying cough, sore throat and lungs, and hoarseness in the morning. The reserve of strength is restored, efficiency is increased, mood and quality of sleep are improved.

Quitting smoking helps to improve the condition of teeth, which are severely damaged and turn yellow from nicotine. The course of digestive processes improves, intestinal motility improves, the digestive tract is cleared of toxins and toxins.

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New Price 1870 ₱